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A little about Endospheres Therapy

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What is Endospheres Therapy and how does it work?

Endospheres Therapy is using a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres generating low-frequency mechanical vibrations. This treatment can be used on the entire body simultaneously (or on part of the body at a time) and allows you to target the areas of your body that you would like to improve.

It also optimizes body function, improves health, and helps prevent injury by reducing pain and inflammation, increasing circulation, boosting lymphatic draining, improving skin elasticity and increasing collagen reproduction, strengthening immunity, reducing fibrous tissue, and improving muscle tone.

The 5 Synergistic Benefits of Endospheres

Endospheres Therapy applies 5 Simultaneous and Synergistic benefits to the body during treatment

Lymphatic Drainage

1. Boosts Lymphatic Drainage

Endospheres therapy helps to move trapped toxins and waste from the body. This reduces fluid retention and gives an overall boost to one’s health and immunity.

Body Contour 2

2. Contours the Body

Endospheres breaks down fibrous cells, battles cellulite, and increases metabolism in difficult fat tissue. It also helps to return the body to its natural aesthetic shape by removing edema, toxins, and inflammation.

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3. Tones Muscles

Endospheres improves the muscle tone of the areas to which it is applied. The vibration activates muscle receptors. Over time, this increases in muscle strength and tone and improving oxygen and nutrient intake.

Soothe Inflammation

4. Soothes Inflammation

Endospheres is able to reduce inflammation through compressive microvibration. Not only does this reduce inflammation and pain directly, but it also triggers the release of endorphins, which further promotes pain relief.

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5. Improves Circulation

Endospheres improves microcirculation in the treatment area. This increasingly oxygenates the tissues and has a restorative effect. This also increases localised metabolism and improves the exchange between the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

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